Zen and the Art of Everyday Living is all about making Zen as understandable and practical as possible in order to live life as mindfully as we can on a moment by moment basis, let go of the attachments that cause us suffering (mental anguish), and be in touch with our true nature which at its core is love and compassion.

As Zen has no cosmology and no gods to worship, it can be practiced by everyone, from the most devout people of faith to the most devout atheists.  I like to think of Zen and its related Buddhist teachings as the psychology of the East.

If you’re interested in learning a little about my background or more about this site please see my Welcome  page, or if you want to get straight into it you can skip right to my first post Practical Zen in a Nutshell to get a succinct overview of what I consider to be the heart of Zen practice. If you like what you see there, then I’d recommend reading the remaining posts in chronological order as the concepts tend to build on one another.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the posts and that they help you to live life more fully and mindfully in each and every moment.